Return to Skating is coming…..Registration is starting!

Please take note that all registration information, forms and documents are tentatively being accepted based upon current phase 3 guidelines. Should the SMDHU or the Provincial Government impose different restrictions or change the recommended guidelines we will update this website and our Facebook page.

Thank you for your patience while we work towards getting our skaters back on the ice. Our season will look a little bit different this year but still just as fun. When registering please ensure that all necessary forms are filled out, there are a lot of them and they all need to be completed prior to your skater getting on the ice.

We are excited to get the season started. At this point the tentative start date is October 4, 2021 with the season ending March 11, 2022.

Skating times as follows:

Monday -Canskate 5:00pm-5:45pm – Starskate 5:45pm-7:50pm

Wednesday -Canskate 5:00pm-5:45pm – Starskate 5:45pm-7:20pm

Friday -Starskate 5:30pm-7:20pm

Canskate parents -please take note that there are increased restrictions on the program involving physical contact with the skaters. Due to this, your skater must be able to meet minimum requirements in bold below prior to registration. Please be realistic with your skaters abilities to prevent disappointment and having our coaches make the decision to remove your child from the program.

  1. skaters must be atleast 5 years old to register.
  2. skaters must be able to stand and skate without physical assistance from a coach or program assistant.
  3. skaters must be able to fall and get up by themselves without physical assistance from a coach or program assistant.

Parents, please read all information provided in the registration form, rules, release and health screening form carefully to understand expectations, guidelines and restrictions moving forward -you are not permitted to be a spectator in the arena and must drop off your skater prepared for their lesson. Should this change prior to the start of the season we will update all parents. A health screening questionnaire (found in the menu on the main page of this site) must be filled out and submitted online for each skater prior to their arrival at the arena for scheduled lessons. Failure to submit the form will result in your skater not being permitted to skate that day.

Our Website and Facebook page will be updated with information, cancellations and COVID-19 guidelines as the situation changes. Please be patient as we integrate Skate Canada, Severn Township and Simcoe County District Health Unit guidelines together for everyone’s safety.

COVID-19 UPDATE -August 28

Severn Township

Coldwater and District Community Centre Return to Play: Guidelines for Ice Users 

As COVID-19 continues to  evolve, this document is subject to change without notice. The  Township of Severn and all persons  using the Coldwater & District  Community Centre will be adhering to  Ontario Regulation 364/20 Rules for  Areas in Stage 3 as amended. 

Front Entrance 

No change from previous use. Entrance Process (see photo below)

Ice groups will assist in monitoring the entrance and exits, and ensure that proper  procedures are followed, including the participant numbers. 

Prescreening is required by asking the  questions as provided by using the  online tool; Ice groups must  fill out a Screening Form and email it two hours prior to the designated ice time to ensure  they keep a log of all participants  entering the facility. The form must be updated if there are any  last minute changes. The form  shall be kept for contact tracing  purposes for a minimum of 30 days. 

Entrance Time and Exit Time 

Entrance to the facility will be  permitted 15 minutes prior to the  rental. Participants arriving earlier will  be asked to wait outside the facility. Participants must leave within 15  minutes after leaving the ice. 

Exit Doors 

Entrance to the facility will be  permitted 15 minutes prior to  the ice time. Participants arriving  earlier will be asked to wait outside the facility. Participants  must leave within 15 minutes  after leaving the ice. 


Face coverings are required by O. Reg  364/20 (  Masks are not required for any person  under the age of two (2) years old, or for those people that are unable to  wear a mask because of a medical  condition. Other exemptions apply,  please refer to the link above for the  full list of exemptions. Masks are not required when engaging in an athletic or fitness activity (e.g. coaches on the  ice are not required to wear a mask,  however bench staff, timekeepers,  etc. are required to wear a mask). 

Dressing Rooms 

Dressing rooms will not be available at this time. Chairs and/or bench seating  will be available with marked seating  to ensure physical distancing in the  arena lobby area for goalies. 

Participants may not get ready, tie skates or untie skates in the lobby.  Everyone should come ready to skate and have fun! 


Access to main washrooms will be permitted for ice participants and officials. Please note that only one person is allowed in the washroom excluding a parent/guardian. 

Number of On-ice Participants 

The maximum number of participants per rental is 25 people. This includes players, coaches and officials. This is  to allow a second user group to enter the facility while the first user group is  still inside. This will allow us to maintain 50 minute on-ice time  rentals. 

For example, Association A’s ice rental  time is from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.,  and Association B’s rental time starts  at 7:00 p.m. As participants are  required to exit the building 15  minutes after leaving the ice surface,  Association A is required to exit by  7:05 p.m. As Association B is allowed  to enter the building 15 minutes prior  to their ice rental time, they will be  allowed to enter at 6:45 p.m.  Therefore, there will be a 20-minute overlap to a maximum of 50 people.  Each user group will need to work with  the other groups to ensure that the  maximum number of people is not  exceeded during this overlap. 

Participants must remain in the lobby  area by the ice surface door until the  ice resurfacer has cleared the ice. User  groups may need to coordinate with  other user groups for overlapping  rental times. 

Participants do not have access to other areas of the facility and should  only be in the immediate area  entering onto the ice surface. 

Items Allowed in the Facility 

Bags, individual food, and beverages are permitted. Waste containers must be used. 

Warmups/Dry Land Training 

Warmups and dry land training are not permitted in the facility. 


Washroom facilities will be cleaned regularly while the  building is open. A thorough  sanitization will occur every  evening after the facility is  closed. High touch point surfaces such as player’s benches, the bleachers, chairs and door handles will be sanitized several times per day.  Ice groups are responsible for ensuring all garbage is collected and put into garbage cans.  

Groups must ensure that participants are not spitting, or depositing other bodily fluids on  any surface in the facility. User groups are required to clean and dispose of any materials left on the players’ benches. Anything left behind will be thrown out.  There will be no lost and found. 

Vending Services and Water Fountain 

All vending machines have been  removed from the arena. The concession booth will not be open at this time.  The Water Fountain has been disengaged and is not available for use by skaters.

Participant not Feeling Well 

If a participant experiences symptom  of COVID-19 while at the facility, they  must proceed as follows: 

Leave the facility and proceed to self isolate; perform the Ontario COVID-19  Self-Assessment; and follow instruction that are given. 

If a participant tests positive for  COVID-19, the Township may be  contacted by the Simcoe Muskoka  District Health Unit. 

Traffic Flow 

The floors and walls will be marked for  the direction of travel. 

Doors will be marked for the number  of people allowed in the washroom  excluding parent/guardian or caregiver  giving assistance. 

Always remember to keep two metres or six feet apart. Please do not gather  at any point in the facility. 

Waiting Outside 

Please maintain two metres or six feet  apart while waiting outside. Wearing a  face covering to protect others and  yourself is recommended. 

Please refrain from socializing outside  the building or in the parking lot.  There is limited space and time to  keep everyone moving safely. 


Additional staff have been hired to  clean, assist with screening and help  direct participants in and out of the  facility. 

Full-time staff have also attended  webinars “Recreation Facility Cleaning,  Disinfection and Sanitization  

Principles” offered by the Ontario  Recreation and Facilities Association. 

The Township has purchased a  “mister” to quickly and efficiently  disinfect areas. 


These Return to Play: Guidelines for  Ice Users will be successful if everyone  does their part. We take the reopening  of the Coldwater and District  Community Centre seriously. The  health and safety of everyone is  paramount. 

Should anyone and/or user groups not  follow the guidelines and/or the  direction of staff, it could result in the  cancellation of ice time. Worst case  scenario is the spread of COVID-19 to  others and the closure of the facility. 

Please consider everything involved before your actions!